I put it off long enough, Procrastination” Jim Pellinger sings in his latest single, Procrastination. Against the tried and true musical backdrop of drums, bass, and guitars, Procrastination speaks to the all too human foible of putting off till tomorrow what could be done today. The song itself took it’s time in revealing itself to Jim. “I had the verses sitting in a notebook for quite a while, till one day a chorus came along that made sense of them,” says Jim.

Jim has performed his unique brand of Americana-folk-pop/rock throughout the upper midwestern US as well as Central America, where he sang in a Guatemalan bar for 15 Quetzals and all the Gallo beer he could drink every Friday night one summer. Back in the states he hit the road, toured colleges such as UW-Madison, Marquette University, the University of IL-Chicago, and many others. Eventually he landed in Minneapolis, worked in television and raised a family, and continued to record and perform, and started his own label, Door To Door Music.

In the early 90s he performed on Madison Square Garden TV before Yankees broadcasts, writing songs on the spot and performing them on the air. He leveraged that experience into writing a song called Circle Me Bert, which got the attention of Fox Sports North producers, and in 2002 the Circle Me Bert music video aired on a Twins pregame show, performed by the fictional CircleBerts (featuring Twins great Bert Blyleven on tambourine). The Twins liked what they heard, and used Circle Me Bert as a promotional give-away to fans in 2002. And when Bert Blyleven became a Hall of Famer in 2011, the Baseball Hall of Fame requested Circle Me Bert for inclusion in their library of baseball-related songs.

A fiercely independent musician, Jim established his own label, Door To Door Music, in 1996, releasing his first cassette-only release, All Dressed Up And All Stressed Out, pedaling cassettes from the stage, and “door to door”. Following All Dressed... was Knives and Bleeding (EP, 1999), Hello Hello (EP 2002), Live At The Acoustic Cafe (2002) and Into The Blue (2005). The re-release of the Circle Me Bert single (credited to Jim Pellinger and the CircleBerts) came in 2011, and Promise You (an election song) was released in 2016.

Based in Minneapolis, Jim continues to perform solo, is editing a series of YouTube videos of live performances, and is recording in his studio in preparation for an upcoming release.

Jim Pellinger
Jim Pellinger