1. Red States

From the recording Into The Blue

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Jim Pellinger-vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming.


59 million, more or less, together pledge "we approve this mess"
He bought it, he broke it, he sold it to you
So tell me red states what will you do
When the oblong boxes come rolling in
Will you take the blame and salute your sins?
What will you say and what will you do when the bony fingers all point at you?
When the empty socket looks you in the eye and wants to know why they had to die
Will you pass the buck and say you were mislead?
With the stains on your hands a scarlet red

Red states

Well you stood in line and you cast your vote, scratched the ground and dug the holes
Stood behind and pushed them in, covered them up in lies and sin
You bought the myth, hell you bought the store, filled your cart with lies and more
Put it all on a credit card paid with lives and body parts'

Red states