1. Hello Hello

From the recording Hello Hello EP

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Jim Pellinger-vocals, guitars, bass, drum machine programming.


I wish you'd pick that damn thing up, 'cause I really want to say
Hello hello
I've been listening to your voice in my head all day
Hello hello

So hello hello, hello hello
Hello hello, hello hello

I packed my head up in a box so I wouldn't think of you
I had to turn my head and cough, but the doctor had no clue
I went there looking for a cure, but there was nothing he could do

So hello hello
I really tried to walk away
Hello hello
Just one step, just one day
Hello hello
You don't know what I'm going through

But if you do, then
Hello hello
It's really just a simple word
Hello hello
Nothing that you haven't heard
Hello hello
And if I say it with a smile and make you smile
Then I could fly for miles
I could fly for miles

So hello hello
Hello hello
I was just wondering how you are
Yeah, I'm good too