1. Gray Day

From the recording Hello Hello EP

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Jim Pellinger-vocals, guitars, bass, drum machine programming.


Gray day, Monday morning
Who's that looking out your window
Watch the bus go by
Underneath the graying sky
And if you want it there's a paper at your doorstep
Trip through the pages with another cup of coffee
On a gray day, Monday morning
Watch the white trash on some talk show
Skinhead, inbred bigots
Vomit in your livingroom
And if you want it you can change the channel
Watch the news
And see the senators, all bought and paid for
Whining on a gray day
Gray day
Gray day
Gray day
And if you want you can go back to bed
And sleep away
Or you can shower and shave
And charge into your day
But on a gray day what's the hurry?
Have another cup of coffee
Kick back, put your feet up
You're not going to save the world
And if you want you can just wait for it to turn around
No need to hurry
You can always save the world tomorrow