New single out Nov. 5-"Time Machine"

Time Machine

Jim Pellinger

A very clean cut indie rock sound that is well crafted with many classics of the genre in mind; featuring a Jangly, spirited, straight-forward melodic drive that lyrically asks the question "what if I had a time machine?" All instruments and vocals performed by Jim Pellinger.

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Jim Pellinger

Indie singer-songwriter

Time Machine, the new single from Jim Pellinger, wonders aloud about the questions everyone has contemplated: what if you could go back in time and do things differently? What if you could warn your younger self about the path they’re on? Is a time machine to much to expect? They have apps for everything, right?

Pellinger recorded Time Machine in his home studio, Radon Sound, playing and singing all the parts himself. The jangly pop tune will be released to all streaming services November 5.


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